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Gift ideas for the kiteboarders in your life




Otherside Boardsports’ “Windy Days, Sleepless Nights” Tee ($25)- This is a photograph taken of a kiter in Islamorada, and hand screened with eco-friendly ink onto a super-soft Tee.






Ion Neoprene Beanie ($29)- When the cold weather won’t stop you from that session, Ions neoprene hat is an easy addition to your cold weather kiteboarding gear. In or out of the water, riders will find this snug fitting hat much more comfortable and practical than the traditional wetsuit hood. Available in two colors. 




 Weatherflow Wind Meter ($39)- Who doesn’t love a little gadget? Download the free app, plug in this anemometer to your smart phone (iPhone and android compatible) and get real-time wind reading that can easily be shared with friends via text message. Connect into their network and see reading from other Weatherflow users all over the country.


Surf Shades ($69)-Kiteboarders know, the sunglass struggle is real! These polarized sunglasses feature an adjustable (and removable) strap that sits securely around the back of the head, as well as a secondary/ back-up strap that will keep the glasses connected to you even after a bad wipe out. Available in two frame shapes. 



Go-Joe Board Recovery Device ($79)- Loosing your board while kiteboarding, or having to body drag upwind to retrieve it after a crash is one of hassles of learning to kite. The GoJoe is an inflatable device that sits unobtrusively between the footsteps of any kite board. When the board is dropped in the water behind you, the Go-joe with not only flip your board over for you, but will act as a sail and get the board downwind to you faster. Retrieving the board faster means less time flailing and more time riding!


Watershot Splash Phone Housing ($109-129)- A top pick from Otherside owner Mike, this waterproof housing for your iPhone features interchangable optical quality glass lens for high quality photos in either standard, or wide angle (like Gopro). Every function of your touch screen will work through their robust touch membrane and you can get killer shots without the risk of ruining your phone, or having to pack an extra waterproof camera with you. This is must-have for any waterman or waterwomen! 



Volcom Storm Jacket ($129): Wind or rain won’t stand a chance with this lightweight, waterproof jacket. Cinchable hood and critically taped seams make this the perfect jacket for before or after a kite session




Ion Shelter Jacket ($199)- A favorite among our kite instructors, this zip-up Neoprene jacket can be worn alone, or over a wetsuit for an extra layer of warmth. It features an asymmetric zipper and slot for your harness to come through. Cinch-able hood and lined pockets keep riders oh so cozy both on and off the water. Available in Black or Blue 


Woo Sports ($199)- This little device connects to your kiteboard and tracks your every movement including height and hang time. The data collected is sent seamlessly to your smart phone where you can see your highest jump, longest airtime, session duration and much more. Connect with other Woo users in your area and access the local and global leaderboards. Who is the highest jumper at your beach? Who has the highest recorded jump in the world? Can you beat your last session? Woo sports has the answers and can add a whole lot more fun to each one of your sessions!




 Liquid Force Foil Fish Combo ($1139)- With a recent rebirth into the sport of kiteboarding, foil-boarding is the newest craze and the perfect gift for that kiteboarder in your life that has everything. The amazing sensation of flying has coined the term ‘foil face’ for the huge, radiating smile that seems to be consistent with all who try it!

Shana Walsh
Shana Walsh