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Ocean Rodeo Go Joe 2.0

When you're learning to kiteboard, every efficiency and time-saving technique to help stay upwind counts. After a good fall, it is common that your board can be pretty far upwind of you and body dragging to get it can be difficult and exhausting. Board leashes were used in the early days of kiteboarding but due to the high rate of stitches in the head, no one teaches this technique anymore. Some kite shops, like oTHErside refuses to even carry them.
 The only solution on the market is the Ocean Rodeo Go Joe. This un-intrusive inflatable device connects to your board in between the footstraps. When the board lands footstrap-side down in the water, the Go Joe rights the board, makes it much more visible, and acts like a sail on the board to bring it downwind to you faster.

Less time floundering=more time riding. More time riding=happier humans. Happier humans=better life, so do the world a favor and buy a Go Joe!

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