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The Wind Games

February 10/11/12 at Whale Harbor, Islamorada

Rain date Feb 17/18/19

 All riders will accumulate points based on participation and score. Rider with the most points at the end of the weekend wins the grand prize of a 2 night stay at the Caribbean Resort! 

More events entered= better chance to win!

 Friday 3-10pm: Rider check-in, Rail Jam Expression Session, Welcome Party, Live Music by Baga Tricks

Sat 8am: Beach opens for setup and rigging

Sat 9am: The Games

Sat 7pm: Afterparty at Hog Heaven 

Sun 8am: Beach opens for setup and rigging

Sun 9am: The Games

Sun 5pm: Awards

*Booties are recommended for all riders. All events are subject to change based on wind, weather and participation. Registrations are refundable to store credit only.


Open to all personal wind-craft including kites, wings, and windsurf. Collect 5 cards throughout the 4 mile course. Best hand wins!

This will be an individual event with a staggered start and is in no way a race.  This is an event that anyone that can tack upwind can win!  Participants will receive their first card on the beach and then leave the launch area to one of three boats marked with flags in any order they choose, and receive a card.  The card number and suit will be recorded on a waterproof sheet by each boat dealer before the rider moves on to the next boat.  The 5th and final card will be given at the beach after the rider has safely landed.  

Scoring:  Best hand winds.  Tying hands will be scored on the rest of cards in hand.  Prizes for top 3 hands, points awarded for all participants. Top hand gets 7 points, second gets 5, third gets 3, all other finishers get 1 point.  In the event of a tie- appropriate place points will be awarded to both/all riders.  One score card per rider.  If a card is lost during play, that kiter is disqualified. 


Teams of two, one kite, and an awkwardly large inflatable bird float will race downwind.

 We will start at the furthest point of the sandbar that we can stand and down/cross wind (depending on wind direction) for up to 1 mile of pink-flamingo floaty mayhem!  Both teammates and an inflated floaty must make it to the finish line just off the beach. 

Scoring:  Fastest team gets 7 points, second gets 5, third gets 3 all other finishers without DQ get 1. Points awarded to all team members.



Judges will be scoring based on difficulty, variety, style impression, and execution.

This is your chance to show off what you’ve got!  In the event of a high wind day (25+) we will format more like big air.  Lighter winds will go more for freestyle and technical.  Basically come out and throw your bag of tricks, but make sure you land em clean!  

Scoring:  Divisions will be U18, Women Am, Men Am, Women Pro, Men Pro and 65+.  Riders will only be judged while inside the marked competition area.  Anything thrown outside of that area will be disregarded.  Anyone riding between competition area and land other than launching and landing will be automatically disqualified.  

No limitation in maximum number of moves/combinations attempts per heat (including crashes) or repetitions for the same jump.  Only the 3 best tricks of the whole performance will be counted and will form part of the final result.

Variety within your best 3 moves is a key-factor, as focus is to prize the most complete rider.  A 4th score (unique score) for overall impression of the entire performance will be given at the end of the heat, this score will be determined by considering a combination of different factors as: technical difficulty / style / variety / execution / risk / show / innovation, this will be added to the total score (could make the difference).  The average of these 4 scores that weigh evenly will be the final score. Tied competitors’ heat scores shall be broken in favor of the competitor with the highest single score. If the tie remains then it must be broken in favor of the 2nd highest score. In case the tie still remains it shall be broken in favor of the rider who has the higher score of Overall Impression.  First Place will be awarded 7 points, second gets 5, third gets 3 points and anyone that enters and finishes event gets 1 point. 


Teams of 3. 1 kite and 1 board  act as the baton between team members. Each member will race around the course and back to the start to hand off gear.

This will be for teams of 3. Each member will share one kite, one bar, and one board of their choosing. Riders may each have their own harness and their own leash. This will be a course race around and across the flat in front of Whale Harbor, starting and finishing on the sandbar. Participants will take off from the starting point at sandbar, race around buoys and back to sandbar to hand off gear to the next teammate, who will follow the same course.  You are not only racing against others in your heat, but looking for the best overall time.  This means that any collisions or altercations will not only potentially hurt your rankings within heat, but overall race scores. 

Scoring: Fastest team gets 7 points, second gets 5, third gets 3 all others that finish without DQ get 1. 


Individual race with categories in Kite, Kite Foil and Wing.  Fastest time out and back wins! Approximately 12 miles round trip in the beautiful Florida Keys water. 100% of rider registration will go toward the non-profit, Friends of the pool, Inc in their efforts to restore the lighthouse.

 Condition permitting, this will be a race  around iconic Alligator Lighthouse and back, approximately 12 miles round trip.  There will be 3 separate disciplines, with starting times staggered into heats depending on participation.  Disciplines will be kiteboarding (twintip/directional/whatever as long as not foil), kite foil and wing foil. 

Scoring:  Times will be recorded based on start time (jersey number associated with heat number and start time) and finish time recorded at finish line.  Finish line team will consist of at least one person calling numbers and at least 2 people recording finish time.  Prizes awarded for top 3 in each discipline in U18, Women, Men and 65+ in kite, kite foil and wingfoil.   Fastest rider gets 7 points, second gets 5, third gets 3 all others that finish without DQ get 1. 

All riders must complete a waiver before participation! 

This event would not be possible without the generous support of our community and industry partners. In particular, we'd like to thank SandBar at Whale Harbor, as well as the following sponsors: