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Airtime DIY Repair Kit

The DIY kite repair kit that has what you need to fix your kite yourself. Be prepared to fix almost any problem your kite may develop with this professionally assembled repair kit. We've put together the smallest kit possible that still covers almost any repair you may need to perform in the wild.

Let's be honest, this is for 'fast and dirty' fixes. It's a great option if you're on the trip of a lifetime and need to get your kite flying but it's not a good option if you're worried about looks or want a repair that doesn't compromise performance at all.

You can fix the kite yourself
glue will set up within 24 hours
Fiberglass tape and glue is almost as strong as a sewn repair (if you do it right)

It will add weight to your kite
Fiberglass tape and glue will not stretch the same as the canopy cloth
you may notice performance issues
This glue is meant to be permanent (good luck getting it off if you don't fix it right the first time)
The repair is going to be unsightly

The backbone of the repair kit is the Seam Grip glue famous in the outdoor community for its incredible strength and flexibility. The Seam Grip glue not only works wonders seaming kite fabric back together but also works to reattach failing valves. This versatile glue allows us to offer you a simple kit that will take care of almost any repair need you may have.

The kit comes in a quality 7"x 9" zippered bag.
One complete AIRTIME Valve Trap.
20' of fiberglass tape (compare to KiteFix FiberFix)
1 oz tube of Seam Grip glue (compare to KiteFix GluFix Adhesive)
5" stainless steel scissors
10' of Dacron repair tape (5' white, 5' black)
Bladder patch kit with a 5 3/4"x3" Tear-Aid adhesive patch
1 roll of masking tape
1 Sharpie marker
Plastic spreader card
99% alcohol swabs
5 zip ties
Detailed instructions

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