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Airtime Replacement North/Duotone "L" Connection Valve

90 degree "L" connection valve (Duotone, North)

Duotone began using this valve in 2019 for all Duotone kites with the lazy pump single point inflation system. The 90 degree "L" connector valves are found on the strut bladders and are connected via hose to the leading edge bladder. The leading edge bladder uses the straight connector to feed air to the strut bladders (you can find those separately on our site).

This valve comes on a 4" round adhesive base. The adhesive base has "body" so you're not fighting with thin floppy Tear-Aid when trying to attach it to a bladder. Can be used to replace failed or damaged valves. If you need to replace the bladder you can find those ready to go in our pre-assembled bladder section.

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