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Bone Island Originals Traditional Skate Deck

Bone Island was an originally one of the busiest trade hubs in the new world. As a gateway to and from the Caribbean and the northern colonies merchants, sailors, pirates, and smugglers made their way through Bone Island and Cayo Hueso to hawk their goods. Centuries later Stock Island and Key West (as they are now known) are still a bustling place for artists, entertainers, intellectuals and eclectic individuals.

These Skateboards are a product of their location. Locally and sustainably sourced hardwoods such as Mahogany, Wild Tamarind, Tamarind, Tababoulla, Womens Tounge, Purple Heart, and more are saved from the clutches of local landscape companies and their wood chippers. We store the wood in Grassy Key and as the time and space is available we bring it to Stock Island to mill and turn into functional art pieces such as skateboards, counter tops, bar tops, furniture, and more. In one of the oldest wood shops in the keys artists Kris Roehrig, Jimmy Wray, and Karen Wray work tirelessly to save these woods from destruction to craft beautiful wares that will last for decades to come.

No Skateboard is alike and the majority of the wood, is grown, harvested, and crafted in the Florida Keys, pick your deck, throw some trucks and wheels on it, buy a wall mount and don’t be afraid to ride it, it is as fun as it is attractive.


Wild Tamarind and Cypress