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Cabrinha Switchblade 2019

An industry leading kite that needs no introduction. If you kite, you at least know of the Switchblade, even if you haven't flown one. If you don't kite, this is the perfect place to start! (After lessons of course!)

New graphics for 2019 and a new lateral dacron stitching pattern to minimize lateral stretching that keeps the canopy fresh and responsive for longer. 

It is surely a bold claim to say this may be the best freeride kite ever, but there are many kiters who will firmly stick by that. This kite is great for beginners thanks to its smooth and easy power delivery, sheet and go flying characteristics, and easy upwind capability. Put it in the hands of an experienced rider and they will boost to the moon, even kiteloop the smaller sizes. This kite also works for some basic unhooked tricks and waveriding.

From your first waterstarts to your first backroll, there's no other kite quite like the Switchblade!

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