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Cabrinha Trimlite Bar 1x Fireball 2017

Built from the ground up as a new way to connect to your kite, the Cabrinha fireball is a certified game changer. The ball and socket attachment system allows for a much closer connection to the rider. The ball and socket also allows for 360 degrees of movement, compared to a traditional harness hook. The Fireball also reduces pull on the core when the kite is in an overhead position, where traditional harness hooks tend to ride up into the users stomach. This bar features a cleat trim system and utilizes Cabrinha's 1X flagging system to 100% de-power your kite. Designed for those riders who ride strictly hooked in, the Fireball offers a kite to rider connection that is superior to anything else on the market. THIS BAR SYSTEM IS NOT FOR UNHOOKED RIDING!