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Cabrinha Fusion Da Hydrofoil

The latest 01 Cabrinha Fusion DA Hydrofoil Kit edition to the Fusion system brings ease of use and accessibility to the forefront of design.  Building off the incredibly successful original double agent foil, the Cabrinha design team have re-vamped this industry classic and have made entry to the sport of foiling even easier with this highly maneuverable and forgiving 01 Cabrinha Fusion DA Hydrofoil Kit foil. With its blend of full carbon and EPS core construction, low aspect Ratio wings and extruded aluminum fuselage with Heli coils, the DA850 allows for a slower planing speed which helps get you up on the foil early with a stable and predictable feel. Combined with the Cab Fusion ultra-stiff hybrid mast, this all makes the DA850 the go to foil for any kiting activity, as well as providing the perfect foundation to adjust your set up for different sports by adding the X series wings.


01 Cabrinha Fusion DA Hydrofoil Kit Mast Features

  • Fixed top plate with m8 slots for easy mounting
  • 3-screw connection for superior rigidity 
  • Aircraft grade extruded, anodized 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Precision tapered fuse-to-mast connection for optimal rigidity 
  • Helicoil inserts minimizes corrosion and provides long lasting durability

01 Cabrinha Fusion DA Hydrofoil Kit Fuselage Features

  • Water tight hollow design for optimal strength to weight ratio
  • Precision CNC machined aircraft grade, anodized 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Helicoil inserts minimize corrosion and provides long lasting durability
  • Streamlined design for low drag

01 Cabrinha Fusion DA Hydrofoil Kit Wing Features

  • Stable and easy to ride platform
  • Loose and agile feel for superior maneuverability
  • Full prepreg carbon/glass construction
  • EPS core for superior strength to weight ratio
  • Front Wing:  Low anhedral for a loose and maneuverable feel.  Lean and forgiving profile
  • Stabilizer: Large area for stable and balanced characteristics.  Upward tips for directional stability

Type: Foil: Assemblies

Vendor: Cabrinha

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