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GLO Systems LED Light Kit

You're paddling adventures don't have to end just because the day did!  Paddle into the night! The GLO Systems LED Light Kit are easily mountable onto any Stand Up Paddle Board, Kayak, or anything else you can imagine!  The unique snap system makes the system easy to install and remove, without any permanent affects to the board, or adding significant drag to your paddle.  The GLO Systems LED light kit will add hours of enjoyment to however you're getting on the water, and will illuminate and attract wildlife from all over, enhancing your experience!  We've been using them for night-time lobstering here in the Florida Keys, and have been eating well ever since!

Kit Includes:

-2 x ultra bright LED light strips

-1 x Rechargeable Battery Pack

-1 x Smart Wall Charger

-Mounting Hardware included

-Includes Pelican Dry Box