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OneWheel +

New for 2017, the OneWheel returns with the new OneWheel +, designed to kick more butt than ever before. If a segway and a skateboard had a baby, the result would be the OneWheel

Featuring a brushless Hypercore motor, Intelligent LED headlights and taillights, 5-7 mile range, 19 MPH top speed, and a 20 minute complete recharge.

Lean forward, go forward, lean back, go backwards. The intuitive pressure controls will have you ripping up road, grass, or trail with ease. Go places no other electric "skateboard" can go and get there quickly and in style. 

Use of the OneWheel Plus MAY cause the following: contagious smiles, the urge to flash shakas to strangers, confused looks from old people, and or large crowds of attractive women following you everywhere and laughing excessively at your jokes.