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Rinse Kit Portable Shower

The RinseKit from Outsol is a pressurized shower that is similar to a garden hose you would have in your back yard. It fills in 20 seconds and doesn't include any pumping or batteries! The nozzle gives you 7 different settings to choose from and the spray will last for several minutes. The RinseKit comes with a 6 foot hose, on/off valve, hose bib adapter and quick connect. Its great for a warm shower as well as rinsing off any equipment. You wont regret this purchase!
Weight: 8 LBS
Capacity: 2 US Gallons
Hose Length: 6 Feet
Max Temp: 130 Degrees F
Warranty: 12 Months
Min Temp: 33 Degrees F
Working PSI: 40-140 PSI
Max PSI: 200
Nozzle: 7 Pattern

Now With Hot Water Sink Adapter!