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PKS Elite Universal Wing Leash

PKS - Elite Universal Wing Leash

The PKS Wing Leash is made using heavy duty 3/16" Spectra hollow core line with high elasticity bungee line inside.  The ends have 7/64th spectra line that has been wrapped and sewn in place creating a locking larks head for the ultimate strength, security, and versatility. By using the 7/64" spectra line for the loops, you are able to easily connect to multiple wing or harness connection types sush as hand shake,  larks head,  or ring connections. This combination gives you strength, versatility and eas of use.

The Leash Ends also have pull tabs for easy and quick removal.

Pull Tabs on Leash Ends
High Strength Spectra Line
Locking Larks Head Loops

When Paired with the PKS Quick Connect Pigtail with Stopper Ball, the PKS Wing Leash can easily be moved from wing to wing. Simply keep your leash on your harness and quickly connect to whatever wing meets the current conditions.

Small - 52"(relaxed) - 72"Stretched (2-4.5m Wing)
Large - 60"(relaxed) - 88"Stretched (5-7m Wing)

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