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Slingshot 2016 Turbine

Slingshot's light wind generator returns to fulfill the promise of giving you more days on the water. If you want to get out and ripping while everyone stands on the beach, this is the kite for you, and we're not just talking about mowing the lawn. The Turbine loves to cruise upwind and won't just pull you downwind like a truck.

Smaller guys will get up and ripping in 10-12 knots. Bigger guys can pair the Turbine with a light-wind board and get just as many riding days. The pulley-less bridle system ensures a direct bar feel and faster turning speed. If any of your friends are against light wind kiting and don't want to "drive the bus," just give them a turn and they'll be blown away by the turning speed and bar pressure of this light-wind machine. If you're one of the bigger guys in the over 200 lbs club, this could very well be your go-to kite.

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