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Slingshot Hover Glide FPUMP V2

Pump / Wake / Wing

The FPump foil was developed out of our fascination of 100% natural self-propelled flight. Anyone who has ever owned a foil has tried, yet there are only a rare few that have mastered the art of flat-water pumping without any external power sources. With years of experience (and countless bloopers in the learning process) we've developed the ultimate wing profile and mast height combination to save you all the trouble. The FPump foil delivers massive amounts of lift that will have you pumping effortlessly across the water, riding the smallest of waves imaginable, foiling on the lightest wind days possible, and looking like an all-around hero at your next dock or beachside BBQ.



72cm (28") mast
Quantum 100CM FRONT Wing
42cm Rear Stabilizer
Shift Fuselage
Lightweight Pedestal




We made the FPump V2 foil package to unlock the power of flat-water pumping and low-speed flight for all.



  • Limitless self-propelled flat-water foiling possibilities.
  • It glides at the slowest of speeds.
  • Requires minimal amounts of energy from pumping to maintain flight.

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