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Slingshot RPM 2016

The Slingshot RPM is a world-class freestyle machine that spawned its own kite category. Slingshot took a traditional C-shape, made the canopy a little wider, flattened out the profile, and slapped on a bridle. The result is the best of both worlds. You get the de-power and relaunch of a bow kite, but also the pop, slack, and powered loops of a traditional C-kite.

This kite is best suited for the intermediate to advanced rider who really has dialed in their kite flying skills. This kite needs a little more attention at the bar, and the IRS pulley-less bridle system offers a direct and smooth feel. The RPM is not suited for the beginner as it can turn very fast and does not have the low-end grunt of a bow kite. It needs to be worked a little more to get up to speed. If you are looking to unhook for your first time, or you dream about looping it, the RPM is the Kite for you. Jump into the world of high-performance freestyle without having to go straight for the pure C shape. This kite does not like to be underpowered and will show its true colors when the wind start howlin'.

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