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Spleene FabFoil Freeride Set (90+Board 25)

The new Foil-Dimension!

Take off with the SPLEENE FABFOIL and fly silently over the water...

  • Easy Take Off
  • High stability at high speed
  • Rotating for narrow jibes
  • Optimized load-bearing wings
  • Robust Alu+G10 construction
  • Multi-Setup with wings and masts
  • Weight 3,9 kg

The Freeride wing in the FABFOIL Set has a surface of 705 cm², 60cm span and an aspect ratio of 5,11

The FABFOIL BOARD is the perfect complement to the SPLEENE Foil. Designed exclusively for use in Foil Kiteboarding, the Foilboard offers a wide range of key foiling features.

  • Direct riding experience
  • Simple water start
  • 3D Bevel Shape
  • Precise touchdowns
  • Multi-strap positions
  • Robust construction
  • Large EVA footprint
  • Weight 3.9 kg