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USED Liquid Force Solo 6.5m 2015

The Solo was one of the first Single Strut Kites to really make it big!  Without the added struts and weight associated with them (they're the heaviest part of the kite aside from leading edge!), the Solo will fly in lighter winds than other kites its size.  This makes it an absolute perfect kite for someone lighter who needs to be on the smaller side of the wind range, or for anyone in a foil that really wants to push the light wind aspect, and wants a smaller kite for faster reactions!  
 The canopy of the kite is still in great shape, and bridles all look good. 
 The reason for the unbelievable pricing on this kite is because it doesn't hold air. Since there are only 2 bladders, it's one of the easiest repairs to do yourself, and may cost only as much as one valve trap, $9, or may need more.  
 For $190 total, The Otherside can replace all of the bladders and valves with new ones to 
The Otherside can replace all bladders and valves to make it hold like new!

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