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Ride Engine Unity Kite Mega Spreader Bar V1

Ride Engine Unity Mega Spreader Bar V2

Spreaderbar with lever for optimal ease of use of Ride Engine

The Unity Mega spreader bar is the luxury variant of the Unity spreader bar. The big difference is that the Unity Mega has a large molded spreader-bar pad that is ideal for the rider who likes to ride full power. Thanks to this large molded pad, the spreader bar stays in place better and distributes the pressure better around your body. By using a so-called TensionLock you can easily adjust and tighten the hook when putting it on. Ride Engine uses the leverage effect, so that it immediately closes tightly around your waist. In addition, you only have to adjust the spreader bar once, after which you don't have to worry about it anymore. Adjust the Unity Mega spreader bar as good as you can before your first session and you'll never have to spend time adjusting it again!

The Unity Mega spreader bar has a fixed hook that provides the most direct connection to you and the kite. Whether you're a technical rider who loves unhooked tricks, or looking for the most direct feel for freeriding and hydrofoiling, the Unity Mega Spreader Bar is the key to unlocking your next level of performance.

  • Lever Closure
  • Quick, non-slip, adjustable adjustment
  • Large molded pad
  • TensionLock
  • Composite construction
  • High Quality Stainless Steel Hook

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