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Otherside Adventure Camp 2023

9am-4pm Monday-Friday 
5 awesome days, 5 different adventures.

This is no ordinary summer camp. Not only will your child have a blast, but they will also be learning brand new skills and how to conquer many obstacles they once feared trying. This camp is meant to be challenging, yet attainable and educational yet fun. We go beyond typical outdoor fun & education; broaching environmental issues as we immerse ourselves into the Florida Bay, offshore reefs, and nearshore waters. While sharing our love of boardsports, we are also placing a strong emphasis on positivity, teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills through team 
-building challenges.

A look at camp activities (not necessarily in this order):

Day 1: WIND SPORTS- A quick lesson in wind theory, sailing basics & boating etiquette before teams take to the seas for Piratey games aboard Hobie Cats that are quick and lively. Each child building the courage to take the lead and sail the team. Then the children will learn the basics of kiteboarding and/or winging (new this year) as we explore the 'power zone' with trainer kites on the beach.
Worry not- your child will be closely supervised by certified kiteboarding and sailing instructors at all times.
If the wind doesn't cooperate, we switch gears to underwater education, focusing on safe freediving techniques and exploring the reefs with one of the great snorkeling operations in Islamorada.

Day 2: WAKEBOARDING- Cable wakeboarding is the easiest way to learn to wakeboard. Add in our seasoned instructors and the support of their peers, and our campers always feel accomplished after learning this new skill. Building on teamwork by supporting each other's successes & failures and building one another up to try, try again!  

Day 3- INDOOR ROCK CLIMBING -We literally climb to new heights in the 14,000 square foot indoor rock climbing gym. Your child will be able to set their own goals; learn knot tying and then the belay system; more often than not surpassing their own expectations.

Day 4: PADDLE DAY: Setting out two by two in a kayak or atop a paddleboard; the children will work together to navigate approximately 3 miles in the Florida Bay! Collectively analyzing the wind and tides and making a plan of action to find their way is one of the take-away from the team-building games we've been doing throughout the week!

Day 5: SKATEBOARDING- Whether your child is already shredding the skatepark or standing on a board for the very first time, our coaches make a point to work individually with every single child to develop and build skills at Marathon Skate park. They'll also each get the opportunity to use our Onewheels!

We end this amazing week with a reflective conversation and pizza party! 
*Please note that many of these activities are weather dependent and we often flip-flop the days in order to provide the best possible experience.

Please write your child's name on every item; our annual lunch box collection is impressive!!
- A LARGE capacity, reusable water bottle; PLEASE NO SINGLE USE BOTTLES!
- A healthy lunch for every day, packed in an insulated lunchbox or cooler 
- A Life Jacket
- Sunscreen; please apply before drop off and pack for reapplication.
- Long sleeve rash guard or water/sun shirt; lots of exposure here!
- A skateboard and helmet
- A Hat for sun protection