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Slingshot Wing Craft V1


We started with a compact platform built for pumping and precise foil control, gave it a flat rocker, kick tail and width demanded for ultra-early takeoff. Sprinkled in enough thickness and stability
for the big guys to do a submerged knee start using even the smallest size in the line, and voilà, the Wing Craft was born.

Both tri-strap and offset front footstrap options covers all types
of riders from the dominant foot forward surfing crew to the windsport crossovers who switch their feet. The 3⁄4 length EVA deckpad provides limitless traction and a stomp pad to keep
you on board. Crucial to winging the inset SUP style handle in the bottom of the board allows you to carry board and foil in one hand, leaving the other hand free to hold your wing. Whether you are starting out and connecting bumps, charging steep faces or taking to the air, the Wing Craft leaves nothing to be desired.


Designed purely for wingsurfing. The compact shape, flat rocker and ample width provide responsive pumping and plenty of stability. We needed a bottom handle for Safely launching and landing in shore-break, and reinforced rails for climbing onboard with a harness on.


  • +  Compact shape for pumping and direct foil control.

  • +  Width for early foil release and knee starting stability.

  • +  Beveled Rails for quick release from the water and bounce back from touchdowns.

  • +  Bottom SUP handle – Carry your board and foil in one hand, keeping your wing safely separated.

  • +  Offset single front foot strap and tri-strap options

  • +  Quick release foil track – mount your foil without removing bolts from the pedestal.

Package Includes: Wing Craft Board, Foil Pedestal Mounting Hardware

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